Diary Of A Born Again Christian

"Be still, and know that I am God."


on May 26, 2012

Prayer is an important part of my every day life, and my relationship with the Lord. I probably pray on an average of 10 to 15 times a day. You’re probably thinking sheesh! This girl must ask for a lot! Prayer isn’t only about requests. It’s about praise, meditation, and bringing myself closer to God.

Of course I make requests to God. It’s important to make requests to him. God knows we have wants and needs, he knows what they are, and he likes to know how passionate we are about our wants and needs. We can’t just expect God to hand things to us, we must sometimes ask. I love to pray for my family, for their hearts to be open to God, and for their lives to be fruitful. I pray for my son, that he may always be joyful, and always love God. I pray to meet a wonderful man; someone I won’t be able to imagine my life without, that I will spend my earthly and eternal life with, and that will be the father in my son’s life that currently does not exist. I pray to make at least enough money to make sure I can put food on the table, pay the bills, and get the necessities for my son and I. I pray that I will never stumble and lose my way. I pray for strength, patience, and humility. When I pray about these things on a daily basis, the Lord knows how important these things are to me. It doesn’t necessarily mean I will always get what I want, but God is always listening to those prayers.

When I praise God, I praise him for practically everything, no matter how big or small it is. I praise him because I have a reliable car. I praise him because I have a supportive and loving family. I praise him when my son sleeps through the night, and when he’s not being grumpy. But I just don’t praise him when life is good, I praise him during the hard times too. When I’m having a hard day, mourning the loss of my father, I praise the Lord for taking him home. I praise him because it has brought my brother and I closer than we ever have been. And I praise him because it makes me realize that tomorrow is never guaranteed, and that I must always be grateful, self aware, and loving.

When practicing yoga, one meditates. For me, the day is a session of yoga. God is my teacher, prayer is the meditation, and the poses are my actions through out the day. When I am feeling frustrated or overwhelmed because the house is a wreck and my son won’t take a a nap, I say a short prayer for God to help me be more patient and calm. When I’m making a meal, I pray and give thanks to the Lord that I have all the food I and my family need to eat. When I’m driving, and someone cuts me off or is driving ridiculously slow, I say a prayer so I fight the urge to show them my middle finger.

What I love most about prayer is it makes me feel so close to God. It makes me feel the incredible bond we have. Sometimes I talk to God rather than pray. I tell him the events of the day, what my goals in life are, what makes me happy, and what makes sad. God isn’t just God, he is my best friend, my Father, and my guardian. My life is important to him.

No matter what or who you pray for, make sure your heart is in it. Make sure you’re confident. Make sure your heart is receptive to God’s answers, even if the answer is no. God loves our prayers, and he is always listening to them.

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