Diary Of A Born Again Christian

"Be still, and know that I am God."


on June 2, 2012

Tonight I was listening to a sermon on the radio about forgiveness, and it really compelled me to write about how important forgiveness is. There is so much scripture on forgiveness, and rightly so, Jesus died on the cross so the Lord could forgive us of our sins. Because of this, it is so important that we forgive people in our lives who hurt us. We must live our lives by the example Jesus set for us.

There is a lot of hurt in the world; abuse, rape, murder, neglect, hate, etc. We have all been hurt, some of us many times. It is so incredibly important that we forgive the ones who have hurt us, even if they don’t recognize and apologize for how they’ve hurt you. When we hold on to the hurt that’s been inflicted on us, we hold a heavy burden inside of our hearts that affects so much more than we sometimes realize.

Our open wounds of past pain caused by others has a horrible tendency to hurt our current relationships, or budding relationships with others. How can we trust? How can we open up? When we hold on to that pain, it gets in the way of things like trust, openness, and the ability to connect. I once started dating this very nice guy a couple of years ago. About a year before we met, I had a relationship with someone who hurt me terribly. He lied to me, betrayed me, and used me for his own pleasures. Although this new guy was very sweet and nothing like the one who hurt me, I couldn’t help but wonder how sincere he really was. I ended up ending the relationship before it had a chance to begin because the pain I held on to from my previous relationship caused a lot of fear.

Not forgiving those who have hurt us also hinder our relationship with God. By not forgiving, we aren’t truly appreciating the power of the Lord’s forgiveness. He forgave us when we gave our lives to Christ. No matter how horrible our offense, we were forgiven. God took that debt away from us and absorbed it. The bible talks a lot about why you must forgive someone who sins against you, and by not doing that, we are breaking God’s law. Breaking God’s law keeps us from being as close to God as we can be while living on this earth. Do unto others is the key.

Most importantly, sometimes we fail to see what forgiveness does for us, instead we usually focus on how forgiveness benefits the person who hurt us. My mother was with a man for many years that was emotionally abusive. He tormented me and my mother and brother with his words for many years. It was very hurtful, and it created a lot of anger and resentment. When I decided to forgive him for everything he had done(even though he wasn’t, and still isn’t remorseful), I felt like I had been set free from my anger, resentment, and bitterness. It no longer hurt my heart to think about the awful things he had done to me and my family. It also bothered me a lot less when he continued to say hurtful things to me. He continued to hurt me, I continued to forgive, and soon it no longer hurt. He eventually lost that power over me, and I was able to let go, and move on.

Sometimes when we forgive someone, they accept responsibility and show remorse. A lot of times, sadly, that is not the case. Even the people we love the most are sometimes the ones that will hurt us the most, and aren’t remorseful. Even so, we must forgive.

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