Diary Of A Born Again Christian

"Be still, and know that I am God."

About Lizzie

on July 13, 2012

I love Godvine, some days I spend a lot of time watching videos on that website. Today, I watched a video about an inspiring woman named Lizzie. In the video, she holds up cards explaining her story, with her face hidden. When she was in high school, she was voted “the ugliest woman in the world”. A video on youtube was posted about it, and there were several million hits. She has a disorder that only affects a few people in the entire world. She read every single comment on that video, and was deeply hurt. But instead of seeking revenge, she decided to fight back in a different way. She has been a motivational speaker for 6 years, has one book published, is writing another, and has graduated from college. She is 23 years old. At the end of the video, she reveals herself. The bible tells us that what makes women beautiful is our spirit. This girl has an amazingly beautiful spirit, and it shines through. She is beautiful, and she used her faith in God, and her own determination to prove it.

She has a website, AboutLizzie. She posts information about her books, Lizzie Beautiful and Be Beautiful, Be you. She features a photo gallery, with pictures of her with her fans, and pictures of just her that truly depict her spirit and true beauty. There are also videos, and a section where you can contact her. She is truly an amazing woman, and so inspiring. God is most definitely smiling down on her. Visit AboutLizzie, and show her some love!

Watch the video of her story on Godvine, and share it on your Facebook, and with family and friends!

Lizzie’s amazing story.



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