Diary Of A Born Again Christian

"Be still, and know that I am God."

The little guy that started it all.

on July 15, 2012

I have always believed in God. I am one of those people who have always felt connected to something spiritual and beyond me, but never experienced anything that “sparked” a connection with God. Then I became pregnant. To me, my pregnancy was a miracle. When I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with PCOS. PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that causes a number of problems for a woman. For me, it caused weight gain, and lots of small cysts that formed around my ovaries, making it very difficult for ovulation. Because of this, the chances of me having a baby while having PCOS was extremely slim. The thought of becoming a mother one day was always my dream, and it was crushed. I cried for days. The only way I could beat PCOS was to lose weight. Unfortunately, PCOS makes it very difficult to lose weight.

In 2007, I had the lap band surgery, and lost 130 pounds in a year and a half. In 2010, when I was 24 years old, I ovulated for the first time ever. I decided, that even though I was single, I wanted to try to have a baby. I decided to start the process during my cycle in June. Half way into the month of July, I got a positive pregnancy test. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I got pregnant on the  first try. Now, that can be a difficult thing to achieve, even for women that have never had a fertility issue in their life. I knew my prayers had been answered, and I was thrilled.

I had some difficulties in my pregnancy. IUGR being the biggest concern. For some reason, my baby had a difficult time getting enough nutrition from my body. I was also constantly sick. Around 35 weeks, he began switching between being breached, and being properly positioned. My OB told me that if he didn’t stay in the proper position by 38 weeks, he would likely stay there and I would have to schedule a c section. Thankfully, he flipped back. However, at my 38 week appointment, the OB was concerned that his growth hadn’t improved in the last several weeks. On March 7th, 20ll, they decided to induce me. They said he would grow faster if he was born early.

That night, I was admitted to L&D, and was given medication to soften my cervix. I was also given an IV drip of pitocin. 12 hours later, I had progressed to 4 cm dilation. The doctor wasn’t too thrilled about that, so she broke my water and they upped my dosage of pitocin. After several hours of hard, off the chart contractions, I got my epidural. The waiting game continued, and 22 hours after my water had been broken, I was 5 cm dilated. My doctor informed me that we could wait a couple more hours, but that 24 hours after your water is broken, if you haven’t dilated completely, you need to have a c section because of the risk of infection. The chances of me dilating 5 cm in 2 hours were pretty slim. Exhausted, and ready to hold my baby, I decided then and there that I would go ahead with a c section right away.

I loved my c section experience, which is something you rarely hear. The reason, was because I was able to focus on the birth of my son, and I was able to soak in every moment of it. When he was born, he didn’t cry. He was healthy, and nothing was wrong with him, he just seemed to observe everything that was going on. When my mother brought him to me after they pulled him out, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was so beautiful, and so perfect. And tiny, he weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces. We stared into each other’s eyes, and I cried like he should have been. That was the moment, the moment that I felt God. He answered my prayers, and gave me a beautiful son. I named him Kylan Daniel Alexander. He was born at 10:25 am, after 36 hours of labor.

He is the love of my life, the reason I could never deny God’s existence.

Shortly after we met each other for the first time.


The first picture I ever took of my little monkey.

I was the most popular patient in the maternity ward with my bright red hair.

He was the most popular baby in the maternity ward because of how adorable and tiny he was.

His first day home!

Only 16 months old, and yet we have already come so far.


One response to “The little guy that started it all.

  1. Carrie says:

    I will be a second person to say that I loved my c-section experience, both times. If I were to be pregnant again (which I won’t unless God wants to really have a good laugh 🙂 ) I would choose to have another c-section. Beautiful birth story and what a cute little monkey you have! I also love your tattoos, very nice.

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