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Summer fashion for the modest woman.

on July 16, 2012

A big concern for a lot of Christian women is dressing modestly. They don’t want to show a lot of skin, or cleavage, and understandably so. But just because we want to dress modestly, doesn’t mean we don’t want to look nice. I feel it’s important for women to feel confident in the clothing they wear, it’s good for you! Dressing in clothes that lack color and style just aren’t going to do it. This concern is not exclusive to Christian women, either. Moms, plus size women, and any type of woman for that matter don’t necessarily want to showcase their bodies. That leaves many of us stuck in a fashion rut.I love Old Navy, because they offer fashionable clothes, and it’s not difficult to find clothing from their store that fits a modest lifestyle. Another great thing about Old Navy, is they carry a large selection of plus size and maternity clothing. They also clearance items and have sales quite frequently. The listed sale price on the items listed below are NOT the sale prices that are going on right now, so check them out on Old Navy’s website! In this posting, I’m going to showcase some dresses, blouses, and shorts that are modest and fashionable.

This is a printed ruffle dress, $29.94. I love the print, the ruffles, and the length. I also love that it covers just enough of the chest so there’s no cleavage showing. If you’re uncomfortable showing your legs, you can pair this with a pair of yellow skinny jeans, like these:

Yellow skinny jeans, $34.94.

This pink chiffon maxi dress, $44.94, lays at the calves, and is beautiful, and delicate looking. Pair this with a yellow cardigan(shown below), and you could wear this to church.

Yellow cardigan, $19.94

Maxi dresses are very popular. They look good on almost every body type, and are comfortable. This floral maxi dress, $39.94, is light weight, very colorful, and ties at the waist. And, if you’re not comfortable showing your arms and shoulders, you can pair it with a puple cardigan, like this:

Purple cardigan, $19.94

When dealing with a dress that’s a little on the shorter side, like this yellow cap-sleeved dress, $24.94, I think they look really cute paired with skinny jeans, like the pair shown above, $34.94.

This floral blouse, $22.94, is colorful, and has a nice length. It will look really great with these bermuda shorts, $26.94. Bermuda shorts are great for those of us that like to be a bit more modest, because they are longer. The shorts pictured are 12″, so they should rest right at the knee.

I like long sleeves, and this purple camp shirt, $24.94, is the kind of thing that offers coverage, but is light weight enough so you won’t fry during the summer! Dark washed bermuda shorts, $26.94, go quite well with this top.

I hope you ladies found this helpful! I’ve always enjoyed dressing in colorful clothing, although I have toned down my style quite a bit. I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve purchased from Old Navy. I feel fashionable, but not like I’m trying to showcase my body, just my personality!

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